TPU Filament 1kg Spools (Ugly Flex)

  • $17.36 CAD

Formally known as Ugly Flex. We are now offering our famous TPU at bulk prices. Contact us for more info. 

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>> High quality TPU material consumables for 3D printers! Harder than the previous TPU! 64D

Our store has TPU with different hardness: 65A 75A 85A 90A 95A 98A 64D

>> Environmental protection, safety and harmlessness;

>> High-quality raw materials and fine workmanship;

>> Strict quality control system, quality assurance

if there is any problem. Can be returned within seven days. (It does not affect the secondary sales. It is not a quality problem. Please pay the courier fee).


Disk diameter: 200mm

Inner hole diameter : 54mm

Plate height: 68mm

Consumable diameter: 1.75 / 3.00mm, standard part tolerance is ± 0.05mm

Net weight: 1KG (weight of pure wire);

Gross weight : 1.30KG (including tray rack and packing box);

Temperature: The best temperature of the nozzle is 175-230 ℃, the bottom plate temperature is 60-85 ℃, the temperature required by different machines is different, please try a few more times

Sample Shipped to Me Quoted Shipping After Order
Pallet Shipped to Our Warehouse $450
Pallet Shipped to Your Warehouse outside Vancouver $1,000
Pallet Shipped to Amazon $550
20' Container Shipped to Our Warehouse $2,700
20' Container Shipped to Your Warehouse $2,700
20' Container Shipped to Amazon $2,700
40' Container Shipped to Our Warehouse $3,000
40' Container Shipped to Your Warehouse $3,000
40' Container Shipped to Amazon $3,000
40HC Shipped to Our Warehouse $3,000
40HC Shipped to Your Warehouse $3,000