3D Printing Filament

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PVA  NATURAL 1.75mm ( 0.5kg )

Our PVA 3D printer filament offers a simple way for removing an object’s supports. Simply submerse the printed structure in water!

PVA filament is similar in color to natural toned 3D printing plastics and emits no odor. You can now remove support material without the need for tools, sanding, or grinding. Models 3D printed with PVA filament supports will dissolve in water, leaving only the actual object. Please note that dual extruders are required for this, one feeding PVA, and the other ABS or PLA. Our PVA is sold in 0.5kg (1.1 lbs)

Diameter 1.75mm
Tolerance ± 0.05mm

Temperatures 190°C - 200°C*
First Layer Temp 195°C*
Heated Bed: Optional
*suggested temps - vary by printer

Net Weight 0.5kg (1.1 lb)
Shipping Weight 0.8kg (1.76 lb)

Material Grade A - 100% Virgin
Non-Toxic & Degradable
Water Soluble
Vacuum Sealed / Packed
Desiccant Silica Pack Included

Spool Width 9 cm (3.5 in)
Spool Diam. 16.4 cm (6.45 in)
Spool Hub Hole 3.2 cm (1.25 in)


Imagine all the complex structures or parts you can print. Extremely difficult to print models, which were previously only printable with very expensive SLS printers, become available to FFF/FDM 3D printers by making use of a soluble support material like PVA! Imagine the mechanical applications – such as ball bearings, ball and socket joints, and caged gear mechanisms. Also think about applications, such as being able to make water soluble moulds.

 PVA sticks well to a non-heated print bed, as well as to a heated print bed. This makes our PVA an ideal support material for printing in combination with either ABS, or PLA (or other materials). You can use the print bed temperature settings as you are used to when printing with ABS, or PLA.


PVA printed parts dissolve in water overnight. Warm water speeds up the dissolving process by a few hours, stirring it also helps.


   Always keep PVA dry! Contact with water or moisture will dissolve PVA. Use a resealable bag (Ziploc) or airtight container, along with the included silica packet (few grains of rice work just as well) to absorb existing moisture. This will keep your PVA filament from dissolving and also free from any dust or dirt particles.


  Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH, PVA, or PVAL) is a water-soluble synthetic polymer hydrolyzed from polyvinyl acetate. PVA is fully degradable and is a quick dissolver. PVA has a glass transition temperature of around 85°C (185F), but this temperature depends on the polymer's degree of hydrolysation (ratio of alcohol groups to acetate groups). It decomposes rapidly above 200°C as it can undergo pyrolysis at high temperatures.


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