3D Printing Filament

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NYLON  WHITE 1.75mm ( 0.5kg )

Our Nylon PA6 Polymer (Polyamide 6) premium filament is a durable material generally used to print extremely robust and heavy duty components such as gears, bearings, fittings, etc. Nylon 6 fibres are tough, possessing high tensile strength, as well as elasticity and lustre. They are wrinkle-proof and highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals such as acids and alkalis. Nylon is basically more durable than ABS.

Diameter 1.75mm
Tolerance ± 0.05mm

Temperatures 240-280°C*
Heated Bed: Recommended
*suggested temps - vary by printer

Net Weight 0.5kg (1.1 lb)
Shipping Weight 0.8kg (1.76 lb)

Vacuum Sealed / Packed
Desiccant Silica Pack Included

Spool Width 9 cm (3.5 in)
Spool Diam. 20 cm (7.87 in)
Spool Hub Hole 3.2 cm (1.25 in)


Our Nylon filament is characterized by consistent quality, high dimensional accuracy and has been extensively tested on a variety of printers, including open source 3D printers commonly popular among the RepRap; yielding very strong and precise prints.
The adhesion to the print bed increases with higher extrusion temperatures. The best results were noted at around 260°C. Excellent adhesion to print bed with Kapton tape, bachelite or nylon bed. (hairspray works too)
When compared to Taulman 618, Polyamide 6 behaves similarly, with possibly slightly less "warp".
Nylon PA6 can also be compared to Taulman "Bridge".
This filament contains no harmful pollutants or heavy metals.


    Nylon absorbs air moisture (up to 2.4%) which lowers its tensile strength. Keep partially used spools in dry storage. Use a resealable bag (Ziploc) or airtight container, along with the included silica packet (few grains of rice work just as well) to absorb existing moisture. This will keep your nylon filament from dissolving and also free from any dust or dirt particles.


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