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50 Watt MonoCrystalline Solar Panel - Slim Profile

Includes MC4 Connectors

These panels are amazingly thin, compact and well built with rounded corners which do not catch on things unlike almost every other panel on the market

Size is 700mm x 540mm x 19mm

27" X 23" X 0.7"

Pmax: 50W
Vmp: 17.8V
Imp: 2.75A
Voc: 21.4V
Max System Voltage: 1000V

Weather Proof,  Mild Impact Shatter Proof

There are screw mounts at the back to drive into material. Also, you can buy a generic electric conduit rack as mount for a few dollars. Non-proprietary waterproof junction box allows for inexpensive wiring. 

Aluminum Frame

27" X 23" X 0.7"

Easily fits inside car trunk or back seat for transport

Good for RV Installations, Boat and Yachts, Camping Trips, Off-grid Installations, Etc.

Mono-crystalline solar panels generally have better efficiency than Polycrystalline Solar Panel Technology and therefore require less of them, which takes up less space and less mounts, which ultimately decreases costs of installation while yielding more energy with a better Return on Investment.

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