12VDC 200AH - Lead Acid Battery

  • $228.32 CAD

These batteries are suitable for solar installations. Contact us for more info. ◊ Installation and maintenance: Batteries with different capacities, different performances and different manufacturers cannot be linked together. ◆ Only batteries or battery groups with the same actual capacity can be used in series. ◆ Only batteries or battery packs with the same actual voltage can be used in parallel. Use appropriate wires for battery connection and extraction. ◆ Make sure to cut off the power supply for the link, otherwise there will be a risk of electric shock or even explosion. ◆ The positive and negative poles must not be reversed or short-circuited, otherwise the battery will be seriously damaged or even explode. ◆ Tightly link the terminal bolt parts to prevent sparks; if the contact surface is oxidized, it can be washed with soda water. ◆ The newly installed battery pack should be float-charged for 72 hours before use to balance the internal battery power before testing or use ◆ The storage battery is charged, and it is forbidden to try to disassemble the storage battery to avoid danger. If the storage battery shell is damaged or exposed to acid, please rinse immediately with plenty of water. If necessary, please seek medical treatment immediately. ◆ Do not use the battery in a sealed container, otherwise there will be a risk of explosion. ◆ Do not use organic solvents to clean the battery. ◆ Multiple batteries can be connected in series to obtain high voltage. Insulation tools should be used during installation to prevent electric shock. ◆ Tighten the nut during installation to prevent sparks during charging and discharging. ◆ The battery cannot be used upside down, otherwise electrolyte will leak out. ◆ When the life of the battery is over, it should be properly handled, and discarding it at random will cause environmental pollution.

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