How do I get my prints to stick to the bed?

Having trouble getting your 3D Printed parts to stick well to the bed? Are they peeling?

  • Use Hairspray! (see below)
  • Level your bed.
  • Adjust your bed temperature to recommended temp.
  • Adjust your first-layer height and/or tracewidth.  Make sure your traces are making good contact with the bed.  A thick first layer and wide traces can help compensate for a slightly unlevel or warped bed, but also ensures lots of surface area contact with the bed, giving you a strong hold.
  • Clean your bed off with acetone.  This will remove dust, oils from your fingers, and other contaminates.
  • Slow down on the first layer.
  • Add a brim.  A brim will help keep the edges of your part from peeling up.  Sometimes the brim will peel off nicely, but often this will require cleanup with a blade, so only use when you need it, and only on parts for which this kind of cleanup is acceptable.


Still having trouble with peeling while 3D printing? Try some hairspray.

Hair spray works for improving adhesion!

A very modest application can do wonders.  An over-application can create a bond strong enough that the object may be very difficult to remove, especially if you're printing directly on your build surface without tape.

Prints with a large first-layer surface area are going to benefit most from this trick, which can reduce peeling a bit, but lots of surface area will make removal more difficult.

It may be worth trying hair spray in conjunction with a raft for particularly flat objects. More here: