40A MPPT Intelligent Controller with Digital Display 24V

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1. Overload protection
2. Short circuit protection
3. Reverse discharge protection
4. Reverse polarity connection protection
5. Thunder protection
6. Low voltage protection
7. Overcharge protection
8. Battery stop and charge voltage HVD sets up
9. Charge and low voltage LCD sets up
10. Display the capability of the battery SOC
11. Loads and comeback setups.
12. Intellectualized temperature compensation
13. Store, calculate and display the charged AH on the LCD screen.
14. Store, calculate and display the discharged A on the LCD screen.
15. working temperature:-25--- +55°C

Rated Voltage 24V
Max Load current 40A
Input voltage range 12-24V
Length≤1m Charge loop drop 0.25V
Length≤1m Discharge loop drop 0.15V
Over voltage protection 68V
Full charge cut 54.8V (Default value, can be reset)
Low voltage cut 18V (Default value, can be reset)
Automatic restoration low voltage cut 26V (Default value, can be reset)
Temperature compensation -3mv/°C /cell
No load loss ≤30mA
Max wire area 6 mm2
Ambient temperature -25---+55°C