UBSCO 1.2kWh Battery DIY

  • $339.00 CAD

This DIY kit will allow you to build a 1.2kWh battery on your own.  This kit is the most affordable way per kWh of power. 


This battery kit has been designed for longevity and engineered for affordability. Its' design allows for stacking with its raised feet. Two ergonomic handles for convenient placing and handling. Can be placed into parallel or series because of the thick cables that can handle a heavy load. Each battery kit contains four cooling fans for heat expulsion when under heavy load. All cells have been tested for mortality.

Not to be charged without Battery Management (BMS not included)

Required Tools, and Parts: High Current Spot Welder, Soldering Iron, Crimper, Wrench Set, Voltmeter, Robertson Long Drive Screw Driver, Insulation, Spacers, Extra Nickel Strip

No Engineering Support (Consultation Fee Req.)


4 sheets of nickel plate // Includes Battery Cell Assembly Plastic Holders
4 12VDC Cooling Fans
4x 300/500V Terminal Leads // Cable Clamps // Welding Wire Strips
1x 12VDC to 7.4VDC Charger unit

Requires Screws, Nuts and Bolts

Cell Quantity: 240x 18650 Re-Conditioned 3.7V Cells

Nominal Power: 1.2Kwh
Height: 190 mm
Width: 250 mm 
Length: 378 mm 

Chemistry: Li 18650
Warranty Period: No Warranty

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