10 Watt solar panel with USB buck charger

  • $20.00 CAD


These slim profile solar panels are like nothing you have seen on the market. The aluminum frame is very elegant and the panel is less than half the thickness of a traditional panel. The build quality is excellent. 

They are water proof, weather proof, mild-impact shatter proof, condensation proof. Each panel comes with a stripped cable pair. The price is under $2 per Watt.

These panels can trickle charge a 12V lead acid battery safely up to Marine size. The applications are endless. 


Size is 332mm x 251mm

Pmax: 10W

Vmp: 17.2V

Imp: 0.57A

Voc: 22.1V

Ioc: 0.59A

Max System Voltage: 600V

Standard Load Condition: 1000W/M^2,AM1.5 and 24'C 


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