POM WHITE FILAMENT 1.75mm (0.5kg)

3D Printing Filament

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POM WHITE 1.75mm ( 0.5kg )

POM (Polyoxymethyne) is an excellent rigid material. It has a smooth texture after printing. This texture is excellent for low friction applications. Bearings, frame guides, cupboard slides, furniture feet, and other industrial low friction applications. With POMs ability to withstand repeated violent vibration and impacts POM is a highly versatile material for almost any situation. 

Diameter 1.75mm
Tolerance ± 0.05mm

Temperatures 265-280°C*
Heated Bed: Recommended
*suggested temps - vary by printer

Net Weight 0.5kg (1.1 lb)
Shipping Weight 0.8kg (1.76 lb)

Vacuum Sealed / Packed
Desiccant Silica Pack Included

Spool Width 9 cm (3.5 in)
Spool Diam. 16.4 cm (6.45 in)
Spool Hub Hole 3.2 cm (1.25 in)


Do not use POM in a poorly ventilated environment. Make sure to be careful with its off gases when printing POM. 

POM can be an interesting material to use but care must be taken. The heated bed can be glazed with hairspray to get it started. Allow POM to cure for at least a day before you try to bend it. 


POM absorbs a moisture (up to 2.4%) which lowers its tensile strength. Keep partially used spools in dry storage. Use a resealable bag (Ziploc) or airtight container, along with the included silica packet (few grains of rice work just as well) to absorb existing moisture. This will keep POM filament from dissolving and also free from any dust or dirt particles.


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