3D Printing Filament

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ABS YELLOW 1.75mm (1kg)

Diameter 1.75mm
Tolerance ± 0.05mm

Temperatures 210°C - 250°C*
First Layer Temp 235°C*
Heated Bed Temperature 110°C*
*suggested temps - vary by printer

Net Weight 1 kg (2.2 lb)
Shipping Weight 1.3 kg (2.86 lb)

Material Grade A - 100% Virgin
Non-Toxic & Recyclable
Vacuum Sealed / Packed
Desiccant Silica Pack Included

Spool Width 9 cm (3.5 in)
Spool Diam. 20 cm (7.87 in)
Spool Hub Hole 3.2 cm (1.25 in)

How do I get my prints to stick to the bed?
What is the difference between ABS and PLA ?


   Our ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) thermoplastic 3d printing filament is a premium grade material, excellent for detailed and demanding 3D printing applications. It works with most well known 3d Printers among the RepRap 3d Printing community, so regardless of the "Fused Filament Fabrication" (FFF) 3D printer or machine you are using, the consistency of the round diameter provides optimum flow through the extruder, tube, and nozzle.

   As each desktop 3D printer has its own unique characteristics, you might need to tweak your temperature settings. To obtain optimal results for your prints you need to take into account variables like your 3D printer’s nozzle diameter, your print speed, layer height, room temperature, draft of colder air passing over your heated bed etc. Every printer is different, for each material & color, make sure to take notes of what works and what doesn't. Our plastic ABS filament is excellent quality, it is very strong and durable, and has no kinks or breaks making it a top choice for 3d Printing material.


   ABS material is a polymerized styrene comprised of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. Acrylonitrile and styrene give ABS rigidity and a shiny surface. Polybutadiene gives the ABS toughness and impact strength. ABS plastic is one of the most commonly used engineering plastics. ABS is a recommended material for beginners by RepRap because of the loose temperature requirements during the extrusion process and also for it’s good flow ability. ABS also resists corrosion and abrasion. All of these qualities combined make ABS plastic in the form of 3d Printing filament an ideal material for extrusion with a 3d Printer, and injection molding in other very common commercial applications. Although smoke and odor levels are low, all ABS filaments must be used in well ventilated area.

   This ABS 3d printing material has been tested on most popular 3d printers on the market today such as 3d Systems, Afinia, BFB-3000, Bukito, cobblebot, Creator, Cube 3, CubeX, Cubify, Delta, Ditto, dual, Eventorbot, Flash Forge, Flashforge Huxley, Litto, M3D, Makerbot, makibox, Mark34, Mbot, Mendel, MendelMax, Mixshop, Mostfun, Portabee, G3D, Printeer, Printer, Printrbot, Prusa Mendel i3, Prusa Mendel Kit, Prusa, Replicator mini, Replicator, RepRap, RepRaper, Rigidbot, Robo3d, Rostock, Solidoodle, Solidoodle2, Solidoodle3, Stratasystems, Sumpod, Thing-o-matic Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker, Ultimakr, Up mini, Up  Plus, Up Plus 2, UP! uPrint, WeisTek, X dual extrusion 3D printer, Zbot, and all other printers that take ABS of the current products diameter.  

   NOTE: If your printer uses a special cartridge, FREE yourself with mods or hacks such as this:


   When storing your 3d Printing ABS filament for extended periods, place it in a resealable bag (Ziploc) along with the included silica packet (few grains of rice work just as well). This will keep your filament dry & free from any dust or dirt particles & moisture.

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