What is the best Canadian 3D filament supplier?

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Hello all!





Help us out by sending us link to reviews of each site so we can make a thorough and complete list. And if you find any suppliers not on this list let us know. 

We have done a thorough analysis of the entire 3D printing filament supply market and we want to share with you our research. The premise is simple. Who has the best quality and affordable filament in Canada? We have made this blog public because Seacans is proud it can provide value and its current contribution to the 3D printing community. 

Add a comment at the bottom of the article about your experience so we can add it to the list of Canadian Filament Suppliers. So everyone has a easy place to take a look at all the results. It has become overwhelming with all the offerings so we need to catalog for the sake of all 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals. 

For the test we have chosen ABS filament instead of PLA because it is the least expensive and we will use it as a price standard. 

RepRap's list is actually incomplete and there are a large number of suppliers not accounted for.  And this list. Or this one

The Canadian 3D printer filament market has become very confusing in regards to price and products. There are more suppliers now than there are officially categorized by RepRap. We hope we help you with the following blog. We want to simplify it for everybody by looking at what really counts... What you will expect to pay at checkout.

Just below is our complete list of Canadian 3D Printer Filament Suppliers. If you know of any more let us know so we can update the list. 

There are a lot of positives and negatives with all the suppliers but we needed to keep it simple. Some have the cheapest, but the shipping is expensive. So who is the best middle of the road filament supplier without needing to read this crazy long article?

Now lets take a look at our in-depth research. But first... the list.

Company Company_URL Location Price/Rationale REVIEW_URLS
Voxel Factory Voxel Factory Quebec Over Priced
Eckertech Broken Link Dead Link Dead Link
Gateway 3D Print Manitoba Over Priced
Seacans Seacans British Columbia Competitive
New Egg Canada New Egg Canada China Supplier Over Priced
Best Buy Canada Best Buy Canada Nationwide Over Priced
Sainsmart Canada Sainsmart Canada USA Customs Charges
Matter Hackers Canada Matter Hackers Canada USA Customs Charges Sellers Sellers Nationwide Local Pickup
Craigslist Sellers Craigslist Sellers Nationwide Local Pickup
i-Print 3d Filament Alberta Competitive
4G Vision ???? Call to Order
Hardes signs selection Quebec Over Priced
3d Branches 3d Branches Quebec Old Product
Lees Electronics Lees Electronics Vancouver Over Priced
Active Surplus Active Surplus Uh-oh Business Closed?
Abra Electronics Abra Electronics Quebec Over Priced
Electronic Geek Electronic Geek Quebec Over Priced
A2A Printer A2A Printer Ontario Over Priced
Digit Makers Digit Makers Ontario Competitive
Filaments Canada Filaments Canada Ontario Middle-Road
RepRap Warehouse RepRap Warehouse Alberta Over Priced
Bot Feeder Canada Bot Feeder Canada Ontario Over Priced
Spool 3D Canada Spool 3D Canada Alberta Competitive
Thor3D Canada (Thorstad Computers) Thor3D Canada (Thorstad Computers) Saskatchewan Over Priced
Maker Parts Canada Maker Parts Canada Ontario Poor Selection
Shop 3D Canada Shop 3D Canada Ontario Poor Selection
Amazon Canada Amazon Canada Nationwide Competitive
Creator Fuel Canada Creator Fuel Canada Montreal Competitive
Revolution 3D Printers British Columbia Over Priced
123 Ink Cartridges Quebec Over Priced
BC Robotics BC Robotics British Columbia Competitive
Henrys Nationwide Over Priced
NCIX Nationwide Over Priced
Proto 3000 Ontario Over Priced
Create Cafe Saskatchewan Over Priced
Michaels Canada Nationwide Over Priced
Print Your Mind Alberta Over Priced
Neetr 3D Supply Manitoba Over Priced
3D Filament Center Ontario Over Priced
Free Space Composites Dead Link Dead Link
Black Magic blackmagic3d Nationwide Super Special
Direct Dial Ontario Over Priced
Buy API buyapi Ontario Middle-Road
3D Filament Quebec Quebec Competitive
Canada Computers Ontario Over Priced
Creator inc Ontario Over Priced
Home Depot Canada Nationwide Over Priced
Materio 3D Montreal Over Priced
Makerwiz Ontario Over Priced
Staples Canada Nationwide Over Priced
Active 123 British Columbia Over Priced
MRO Electronics Alberta Over Priced
B&E Electronics Alberta Over Priced
Accesstronik Quebec Over Priced
robot shop Canada Quebec Over Priced
Scultpture Supply Canada Ontario Over Priced
3D Printers Canada Ontario SLS Prining
Micahel's Nationwide Over Priced
Troadey Quebec Over Priced
Ink Smith Ontario Over Priced
Hot Pop Factory Ontario Call to Order
Canay Shop Ontario Over Priced
Tip Top Electronics Manitoba Over Priced
3D Trend Net BAD SITE Over Priced




Going to the site and annoying popup newsletter email request so had to zoom out to close the box. Bad UI and hate it when companies push for email too hard.

They also have a large amount of premium suppliers, but its not really well categorized or intuitive so it makes it a bit confusing to look at their stock. 

Send us some reviews of the filament so we can link to it. We have found only one review so far from Mosaic Manufacturing

"...and the filament was absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful consistency, and sophisticated colours/finishes. Much nicer than the typical bright plasticky colours!.." 







 Botfeeder is one of the oldest players in Canada for supplying filament. They target the education space so they are a bit over-priced compared to the other suppliers and most users wouldn't say their filament stands out as a super quality product. They offer a typical filament quality you would expect. 










Amazon is quite competitive, though its hard to find all the colours you need in one place.  The shipping makes it attractive to buy from. 






A2 Printer 3D looks a bit abandoned and the product offering is a bit pricey. 






Robotshop is advertised in Canada, but it looks like it does most of its business in the United States. Pricey 


Seacans is based in British Columbia, its pricing is competitive and shipping is too. 





DigitMakers has limited offerings though its pricing is competitive, and has lots of shipping offerings.  



 has probably the best product offerings though they are a bit overpriced across the board. But if you need specialty filaments they are a good site. Lots of shipping options. 


This website looks pretty sparser,  pricey and a bit abandoned.





 Has lots of 3D offerings. ReprapWarehouse is from Alberta and competitive for pricing. 


Maker parts ... 1 product for sale?



Shop3d has a wide range of specialty filaments, might be worth a look at for some customers.  



Wow! What else is there to say.











BC-Robotics has a lot of cool things for sale on their site.








 Gateway 3D printing has a interesting spool offering it looks like they spool their own product. 





Create-Cafe looks like its mid-range in regards to pricing. 


Nice to see this on the Quebec market. The product offering looks a bit sparse but the pricing is competive. Careful about buying 1kg vs. 0.5kg. Can be bit confusing. 





Uh-oh this is the shipper uses Dicom and the site is down??? Creator Fuel's pricing per roll is good value. Their shipping method is questionable. Dicom has poor reviews for shipping. 











BestBuy looks overpriced so there's not much to say. 








The pricing for iprint3d  looks competive but after shipping its about mid-ranged in pricing. 






Proto 3000 looks like it has a lot of offerings 
 has lot of adverts. In our experience pricing can be all over the map.  









 Based from United States the product is overpriced. is simply overpriced.  



 Robo3d filament supplier

HardDesigns looks lika a good supplier but a bit pricey. looks like a good filament supplier and it is midranged in price.
























 Revolution 3d Printer Filament has a lot of offerings. Their pricing is about mid-range.















 Afinia 3D printer supplier has a good printer. Its filament selection is nothing special. 



 Distributor so a bit pricey







 Distributor so a bit pricey 


 Distributor so a bit pricey 


 Ouch! $40 a kg!





 Distributor so a bit pricey




 Distributor so a bit pricey



Troadey is for our French speaking users.

This company is perfect for francohones as the page loads in French. Good to see suppliers focusing on the Quebec market as they typically have less options.



 Cool manufacturer of 3d Printer filament. 



 Distributor so a bit pricey




Call to order 


 Distributor so a bit pricey 


 Distributor so a bit pricey


This is a interesting supplier who is looking to manufacture their own filament. is overpriced 





 Another overpriced supplier that dropships.


USD pricing in Canada makes this a questionable supplier.



Abandoned website? 

 Nothing special about this supplier.



 This is a pretty cool site but unfortunately it has limited filament offerings. 


 Also we have included a list of International Manufacturers


Vendor Shipping location Material(s) 1.75 mm 3 mm email reviews
102Creations US ABS, PLA X X You should make something. You should bring something into the world that wasn’t in the world before. It doesn’t matter what that is. It doesn’t matter if it’s a table or a film or gardening — everyone should create. You should do something, then sit back and say: ‘I did that.”’ – Ricky Gervais That is why we are here. 102 Creations is a So Cal (Los Angeles/Long Beach area) company focused on providing quality, affordable 3D printing products and services. We believe that 3D printing technology is revolutionizing the way we produce goods and we are very proud to be part of the movement that is bringing this change. 3D technology is enabling us to make things we weren’t able to make before, and we wish to provide you tools to put your visions into reality and create amazing products. Please check back with us soon as we are continuously adding new products to our store. We would also love to hear from you, so if you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us. NL, BE ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA X X Nice filament, one of the best I have used. Price was great for quality. Purple passion is very cool colorHio.
3D Acessories Hub IN ABS, PLA X X Nice filament. Prints well and fast delivery. Red PLA I bought last time was the best filament I have ever extruded by a mile and you can quote me on that. Nice translucent colours that print well. The black (this one is opaque) has a somewhat stronger smell and is a little softer than other black PLAs I've used. Generally happy with this filament. Packing could have been better.
3D Dynamix UK ABS, PLA X X
3dDinge DE PLA X X
3Ddirect US ABS, HIPS, PLA X X
Ateneaning CL (chile) PLA, ABS X
Filamentum 3D Filaments NL ABS, PLA X X
3Dfilamenta HK, CN ABS, PLA, HIPS, PA,Nylon, POM, PETG, PWA X X US ABS, PLA, Nylon, PETT, X US ABS, PLA, Nylon, PETT, X X
3D FilaPrint UK Nylon, PETT, ABS, PLA,HIPS, X X
3dfactory US ABS, PLA X X
3d Industries Australia AU PLA X
3D Inkspot US ABS, PLA, HIPS X X
3D Inside CL ABS, PLA X X
3Distributed UK Nylon, PETT, ABS, PLA,Polystyrene, TPE X X
3D Dreams CA, US PLA,PHA, Nylon, PETT X X
3dpartistry US ABS, PLA, HIPS, Nylon,PETT, PET, PVA X X
3D Printing Center Israel Israel ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA,Nylon, PETT, TPU X X
3D Printing Supplies US ABS, PLA X X
3D Printing Systems AU, NZ, SA ABS, PLA X X
3DPrintGroup DE,3DPrintGroup EU DE ABS, PLA, Nylon X X
3DKarma UK PLA X X This is a very nice PLA filament. Prints nice and sticks well. I have tried several colours and have been happy with all. Mostly black, blue and white. Having ordered several times I noticed that the quality/colour and sticking properties can change a little from batch to batch, but they are always quite good. The filament tends to harden and snap if let for a long period of time in humid environments, but (a) this is generally the case for PLAs and (b) the filament ships very well packed, air-tight sealed and with silica gel. Delivery and customer service truly excellent. Highly recommended.
3D Maker World US ABS, PLA X X DE,AT PET TPE HIPS PVA WoodConductive ABS biofilaLay-loss Poro-lay X X
3Dmania SK ABS, PLA X X
3DPrinterGear AU ABS, PLA, Nylon, HIPS,Polycarbonate X X
3D Printer Hub US ABS, PLA, PVA, Nylon X X
3D Printer Stuff US ABS X X Pros:Extrudes at expected temperatures (235-240 in my case)Wide color selectionHigh availability of stockClean extrusion, have not found air pockets or contaminatesTimely delivery (6 working days from ordered to at my door step)Much more flexible than my last ABS roll, even after extrusionCons:Slightly more expensive than other sources ($2.75 more per pound than Ultimachine)Does not like to stay on the spool (at least when laid with the circular side facing the ground, I use a lazy Suzann type of bearing to roll the spool on) it tends to unwind naturally, so I need a bit of friction to keep it held stillBottom line: I'm happy with this plastic and would probably buy again if nothing is obviously better or more available when I'm ready for another batch. If you are looking for specific colors, definitely give this place a look. For standard colors (black, white, natural) you may want to consider them as a backup source due to slightly higher pricing.-Dazed.dnc. CH ABS, PLA X X CA ABS PLA X X
3D Filament on (US) (Canada) (UK) CA, UK, US ABS, PLA, HIPS, Nylon X X
3Druckstore DE ABS, PLA, PET, Flex,Wood X X
2PrintBeta DE ABS, PLA X
Alfa-Tech3D DK ABS, PLA X X
Afinia US ABS X
Australian 3D Printer Supplies AU ABS, PLA X X
Austrian Reprap AT/DE/CH/ES/IT ABS, PLA, HIPS, Nylon,PVA X X
BCNdynamics ES ABS, PLA X
BotFeeder TW ABS, PLA X X
Brew Engine US ABS, PLA, HIPS X X
BrightCN (esunPLA) CN ABS, PLA X
Buy 3D Ink US ABS, PLA X X Notes-Received 1.75mm filament instead of 3mm. Replaced w/ correct filament at no charge. Slightly stringy prints. Crispy001 UK ABS, PLA X
Charlie's 3D Technologies BEL PLA Wood ABS FlexibleNylon PVA PETG X X
Cheap 3D Filaments US ABS, PLA, Nylon, PET, X X
Coex3d US, CA ABS, PLA, PET, PVA? X X Coex3D make awesome PLA filament, very round. Ran very good on Makerbot and only $22/kg so great price as well. The Purple Passion is a very cool color. --Hio (talk) 19:18, 16 September 2013 (PDT) PLA filament from Coex3D runs awesome on my Makerbot, and I love the reasonable pricing. Great product Coex, ordering more!
ColorFabb NL PLA X X Prints beautifully at 205C/200C head, 45C bed with glue stick, using a .35mm nozzle. Seems denser than regular PLA so probably not as much volume per weight ordered. Very subtly translucent. Tougher than regular PLA as advertised. Good packaging (shrink-wrapped spool inside a box inside a sealed bag).-DaleP.
Cool Components UK ABS X
Createc 3D ES ABS, PLA, Nylon X X
Creative Tools SE, EU ABS, PLA, PVA, Nylon X X
Cubicity US ABS, PLA X X
Diamond Age Solutions Ltd. NZ ABS, PLA X X
DC Plastico US ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA,Nylon X X
D&R Reelings Ltd. UK ABS X
Easysolid ES ABS, PLA X X
EckerTech CA ABS X
ESUN3D PE, US, VN, ZA, NG, BR, NO, PH PETG PLA ABS PC HIPSPVA LUMINOUS NYLONCONDUCTIVE WOODCLEAR flex PLA/ABS ALLOYS X X This was a discount sale as the plastic coloration was not perfect (they were testing), resulting in faint colors (the black is gray, the translucent ones are more translucent than expected).The shipping time was excellent (I think it made it to France in less than a week). The black PLA is made of 2 hard paper spools with a plastic core, while the other colors were in coils. Every individual piece was under its own sealed plastic bag with a desiccant. Pictures to come. The total weight of plastic delivered is a little above the ordered 5Kg. Fair.Test of the black PLA :Consistent diameter centered around about 2.8mm. Never goes over 3.0mm. Good point for Bowden cableVery soft, difficult to break by binding. Good point for Bowden cable.Sticks very well on build surface, even on non heated glass. But doesn't stick well on itself.Not much warping encountered so far with a glass bed at room temperature, only on large prints.Takes a bit longer than other PLA to solidify once extruded (probably explain the good sticking). This might make overhangs and bridging more difficult to achieve.Some slight bendings present in the roll. Not a problem, still goes through my Bowden cable.Seems to contain some moisture (emit a little white smoke from time to time during extrusion, especially at the beginning). Did not try drying in an oven yet.Is too liquid once melted, leading to problems with high speed or thin layer prints - I have to experiment with lower temperatures to see if that helps. Bad adhesion between layers.It stinks during extrusion. Wonder if there is only PLA inside ?Test of the green and yellow translucent PLAs :Diameter is fine to go through the bowden cable. Measurements to come.Less soft than the opaque one.Sticks a bit less than the black opaque, but much better at bridging/overhangs.Warps less than the opaque PLA (IE nearly not at all).A bit brittle, the filament might break into the bowden tube (which renders retract impossible to achieve).UPDATE : it becomes more and more brittle with time (maybe because it's winter now) to the point of not being usable anymore (even on non bowden extruders).I changed my mind and would NOT buy again that PLA - the translucent because it breaks too much, and the opaque both because of its printing quality and the fact it's probably a recycled one with garbage that maybe an health hazard.Moreover, it seems esunpla is servicing more and more resellers, so you might end up with buying his PLA without knowing. Ask your reseller before buying (and consider an absence of answer as a 'yes', looks like some resellers are trying to hide their source). -DeuxVis.July 30 2011 ABS shape 1.75mm 1.67mm -1.77mm(majority is between 1.68 and 1.71mm) 5lbs/~2.3kg ???kg xyz/kg - ?? ?? Ordering was fairly straightforward, but you are currently limited to whatever color they happen to have on hand, or a minimum 20KG order and some additional wait time.From the time I sent the money via paypal, it took 13 days to receive the package in Pennsylvania, USA.There were a few issues at the customs office when it entered the country, as the shipping company they used did not do some of the necessary paperwork. After a short phone conversation and faxing a copy of the original invoice (along with a simple form) everything was sorted out without delay.The filament feels like it weighs 5lbs, and is the same physical size as makerbot's 5lb coils so I'm assuming I didn't get short changed there.The filament measures from 1.67mm -1.77mm. The vast majority is between 1.68 and 1.71mm. It has a uniform, smooth surface almost without exception.There are about a dozen small black spots on the surface of the filament. They look like tiny black abs shavings, and extrude through my .35mm nozzle without issue.I had to dry the filament for 1hr at 100C in an oven, since it was oozing quite a bit when idle in the extruder. After that, and adjusting my extruder/software for the 1.7mm filament, I started Printing.The temperature to extrude this filament needed to be set to 270C. (255C is what I use for makerbot filament)It seems to extrude very well. Overhangs/bridges are also quite successful. I was extruding it up to 60mm/s with a .35 layer height and 1.3 w/t.I hear 1kg spools are now available in paper and plastic. -Andrew Diehl
eMotion Tech FR ABS, PLA X X US Nylon, PETT, ABS X X
fairwagon US, Worldwide ABS X
Faberdashery UK PLA X X This is by far the best PLA I have tried. Sticks well and prints excellently. I have tried many colours and I've been extremely happy with all. Most colours are opaque and quite nice, and there are some unusual and/or unique colours too (e.g. space marine which is fantastic). Filaments sold by the meter and do not come in spool rolls; see RichRap's review below for a photo. Nicely packed and fast delivered. By far my favourite filament. Cannot recommend more highly! CH ABS, PLA, Nylon, PETT,PVA X X Has some dents and bends, not very good quality, doesn't stick very well to the printing bed. Blobs and has strings when making jumps. Once the initial layer is printed, it works, but print results are medium quality. German hints at wiki-Felicitus.
Fabrications Of The Mind UK ABS X NL PLA X
Feed the Printer SE, EU ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS,Nylon X X
FilaGoods Worldwide ABS, PLA, HIPS X X
Filafarm DE ABS, PLA, NYLON,laybrick,laywood X X CA, US ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA,Nylon, PC, PET X X
Filaments 4 Less CA ABS, PLA, Nylon X X swe3tdave, August 2014 - i bought 2 rolls of abs from, both had so much humidity that it was impossible to print right out of the bag. So i bought 500g of desiccant, that's enough to keep a closet dry for a while, or so it said on the box... I took one roll and sealed it with the desiccant. It took an entire week to get enough of the water out before i could print. There was at least one ounce of water in there, probably more.
Filament & Meer NL, worldwide ABS, HIPS, Nylon, PLA X X
FilamentPrint UK ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET-G,PP, PE, HDPE, Nylon,PVA X
Filamentshop DE ABS X
Filament Webshop NL, worldwide ABS, PLA, Nylon, PET,HIPS X X
Formfutura Worldwide ABS, PLA, Nylon, PET,PVA, HIPS, TPC X X
Filimprimante FR ABS, PLA, Nylon, PET, PC X X
InDimension3 (was The Future is 3D) US ABS, PLA X Generously overweight, but not great PLA. Asked beforehand if it was the same stuff they printed with. Didn't really get a chance to print with it until recently as I purchased while prices were starting to skyrocket and I wanted to stockpile for fear I wouldn't be able to buy later. Now that I'm using it, it's pretty rough. Purchased black, blue, and "purple", which turned out to be pink. Very difficult to get to stick, leaves behind an oily residue on my glass which Ultimachine and Ultimaker PLA does not, and explains the poor adhesion. This poor adhesion makes it much more prone to lifting. Prints decently with care, experimental tweaking, and many retries. Black had extrusion markings along the length of the plastic which required some diameter "fudging" in slicer to get the volume correct. Not sure if it's improved since I'm printing with it months after purchase.
German RepRap GmbH DE ABS, PLA X X
electronic things GmbH DE ABS, PLA X X
get3D PL ABS, PLA, Nylon X X
GizmoDorks US ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA,Nylon, Polycarbonate,POM, PETG,Polypropylene X X
IC3D Printers US ABS X X
iFusionShop ES ABS, PLA, X X
Iniciativas3D ES ABS, PLA, Nylon, PET,HIPS X X EU/IE PLA, PET X X
Inventables US ABS, PLA X
Inition/Thinglab AU ABS, PLA, PVA X
J&R Filaments US ABS, PLA X X Reviews
JagPrint US ABS X X Reviews
Jet Filament US ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA X X Spec'd at "+/- 0.07mm. Roundness +/-0.03mm". Spool is the same proportions as the Makerbot ones (a good thing), and prints come out good with ABS profiles. Amazon Prime makes this pretty convenient (product link). The online stock was incorrect, and I had to substitute a different color, but for support I don't think this is critical.-Thatch.
JustPLA US PLA X Reviews
KDI Polymer Specialist UK ABS, PLA X Reviews
LulzBot US, UK PLA, ABS, HIPS,Polycarbonate, Nylon X Reviews
Lo Spaccio di Nova IT Europe PLA ABS X X
Makerbot US ABS, PLA X X
MakerFarm US ABS, PLA X X It needs to be printed a bit higher than normal, but otherwise it was pretty good.
MakerLibre US ABS, PLA X X Reviews
makershop FR ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS,Nylon X X
Maker's Tool Works US ABS, PLA X X Reviews
MadeSolid US PET X
MatterHackers US ABS, PLA, TPE, HIPS, PC,PVA, Nylon, PETT X X Found them from a posting in the reprap for sale forums. While the price of their filament being much cheaper than most gave me initial pause, I have thus far been quite pleasantly surprised. The order came quickly via USPS Priority Mail (Ordered Monday evening and received it on Thursday). The PLA sticks to the bed well and the prints have come out consistent. I've found that the natural prints best at 195C first layer/190C for the rest of the print. I initially had some issues attempting to print with blue at this temperature, but once I upped the temperature to 205C/200C it printed brilliantly. Will update further on any other findings I come across with MatterHackers filament.
Mendel-Parts NL ABS, PLA X X
New Image Plastics Plastic Welding Rod 3D Printer Filament US ABS, PVC, HDPE, PLA X X Notes: The filament was made from ABS resin produced in Taiwan. It is of high quality and delivers good prints. One thing noticed was that there is a larger than usual amount of volatiles in this resin. If your extruder hot end is left at extrusion temperature for more than a few minutes the volatiles will cook off and extrusion will not begin immediately after the stepper driving the extruder is turned on. With this filament you should run in your extruder manually for 10-15 mm of extruded thread for a 0.5 mm orifice hot end before you begin a print. Other than that, it is a pleasure to work with.Last year, New Image had a great deal of difficulty finding a broker willing to fill small consignments of ABS resin. As a result it could often be months before an order could be filled. That's changed and now filament is made within 30 days. It is important to know that New Image is a producer and does not keep an inventory of filament. For that reason, deliveries take a little longer.When you order you should call Donna directly. Do not order by email. 1.75 mm filament in ABS costs $9.95/lb.New Image does not currently produce PLA. They do also supply first rate quality polypropylene and HDPE. I have experience with both of these. That said, neither is a good material for beginners and both have a very long learning curve.
Mixshop CA PLA X X
Moebyus Machines ES ABS, PLA, PVA X
MonoFilament direct US ABS, PLA, custom materials X X Reviews
MTB3D NL/Worldwide ABS, PLA X X
Octave Systems US ABS X
Online Filament US ABS, PLA X X From a label on the spool, roundness spec: ±0.07mm, diameter spec: ±0.10mm.Prints fine, but has a very tight radius spool, making the last 20% rather difficult to use. I would order from him again however -- the spool is the only part I'm not happy with. Order included a sample of white PLA, and Robert has talked about offering sampler packs at some point.
Orbi-Tech DE ABS, ASA, Polyamide (PA-6), PC, PE, PLA, PP, PS,TPE X Reviews Not all materials available in 3mm. Hey.. Got a drillpress? Make your own hotend, change a filament dia. setting in your slicer, print and share your knowledge on the wiki!
Oz Reprap Supplies AU ABS, PLA X X
Paoparts FR ABS, PLA X X
Plastic2Print NL ABS, PLA, Nylon, PET,PVA X X
Printed Dreams ES ABS, PLA, PVA, Nylon X X
Printer Playground US ABS, PLA, TPE, HIPS,PVA, Nylon, PETT X X US PLA X
PrintedSolid US Nylon X X
PrintSpace US PLA, Carbon Fiber Reinforced PLA X X
ProtoParadigm US ABS, PLA, PVA,Polycarbonate X X I haven't printed with it yet, but the only comments so far are that it was well packaged, and the weight is indeed 2lb, not 2.2lb. Came from Oregon.
Proto-Pasta by Protoplant, Inc US PLA, ABS X X
Prototyp3d AU ABS, PLA X
Push Plastic US ABS, PLA, HIPS X X
Qingdao TSD Plastic CN ABS, HDPE, PE, PP, PVC X Reviews
QwikFab MY, SG PLA X X
Quantum3dprinting United States PLA X
RainBot 3D ABS, PLA X X
RapidProtoCo US ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA,Nylon X X Reviews
Redresins - 3D Printing Supplies EU, ES PLA, Carbon Fiber Reinforced PLA X X
Repko US PLA X
3DSculpto IN ABS, PLA, HIPS, WOOD,Nylon, PETG, TPE, PC,Copper, Aluminium,Bronze, Glow in the dark,Colour Changing X X Reviews 1.75mm Filaments readily available ships within India in a day. 3.00mm Filaments can be sourced as per your request.
Replicator Warehouse UK ABS, PLA X X Good: • one of the cheapest supplier in Europe • 0,05mm diameter variation for the 3mm PLABad: • spool holes are too small for both Replicators and Ultimakers • PLA does not stick to 3M's blue painters' tape 2090 • unknown melting temperature, 210°C works but bridges sag a lot • creates dark brown goo (burned sugar) around the heat block • probably not natureworks ingeo • individual bags opened or poorly sealed -CornGolem. • Does stick very bad to heated glass bed and captain tape as well. -dkcookie.
RepRap Supply USA US ABS, PLA X X Unfortunately, all 4 spools arrived broken, which made it difficult to handle. The white PLA is not a clear platinum sort of white, rather an ivory-ish colour. Prints well at about 185c.
RepRapBCN ES ABS, PLA X X Will not stick to print bed or itself. Sometimes, it works okay, most of the time, it winds up as a glob of goo around the extruder. While you can't beat the price, I will not be buying this again.-Thedingwing 02:40, 30 May 2013 (UTC).
RepRap Central UK ABS, PLA X X Reviews
RepRapPro Ltd UK PLA X
Reprapsource DE PLA X X
Reprapteile DE PLA, ABS X X NL ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA, PC,Nylon, POM X X
RepRap Vietnam VN ABS, PLA X X
RepRap Warehouse CA ABS, PLA, Nylon PC,HIPS, PETG,TPE X X Reviews
ReprapWorld NL ABS, PLA X X They have some bending (one in the blue, 4-5 for the black), a bubble sometimes (mostly for the green translucent), and little bit dirt (mostly visible on the black, and few black dusts on the others) probably need to clean it before extruding.The black roll of 1,75mm have also some interruptions (it's not a continuous roll).Beside that it seems correct. -Emmanuel. Each 3mm filament is fine, they required some tweaking (average diameter) but printed good.However I wouldn't recommend the 1,75mm-black, I don't know why but the print quality is far from the other filament and the uneven diameter has finally led to a nozzle jam (fortunately the bowden tube broke before a critical failure). --Emmanuel 17:58, 28 September 2011 (UTC) I tried again to use the 1,75 black but failed again (and the min-max diameter is worse than previously measured)
Revolution Printers CA ABS, PLA, Nylon X X
Robo 3D Printer US ABS, PLA X
RepRap Sweden SE PLA ABS HIPS ConductiveNylon Flexible PETG Wood X CA, US, Worldwide ABS, PLA, NYLON, PVA X X here are my impressions so far with SeaCans PLA 1.75mm filament. I have experimented with diameter values in slic3r and found that i needed to create a setup for each colour. its really only an issue on detailed small sized prints. i.e. figurines.Extrusion temperature varies from colour to colour for best results the range i have found is 190C to 205C..
Sain Smart CN, DE, UK, US ABS, PLA X
taulman 3D US Polyamide (aka "Nylon") X X
Thingibox ES ABS, PLA, HIPS X X
Think 3D Printers CA, US PLA, Nylon, Thermoplastic Urethane X X US ABS, PLA X X US ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA X X Reviews
twoBEars Global, DE Renewable and biodegradable materials X X
UK3D Printing UK PLA, ABS X X
UltiBots US ABS, PLA X X
UltiMachine US ABS, PLA, PVA,Polycarbonate X X Excellent quality filament. Sticks extremely well to kapton tape which helps with warping. Im getting beautiful prints with this stuff and its not half as runny as some of the other filament I've had. I even got some free PLA samples! Very satisfied!
Village Plastics US ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS X X
Voxel Factory CA ABS, PLA, Nylon X X I have seen their filament at Montreal's mini makerfair, they appear to be reselling ABS and PLA filament from Repraper Tech (aka reprap walmart). CN ABS, PLA X X
wtuymqve (Xin Yu Da Plastic) CN ABS, PLA X Very nice to deal with via email, I asked for a kilogram of whatever remnants they had so I could try lots of colors, and they were happy to oblige. (I asked for no spools, and built several of thing 33492 to spool them on myself.) I'm not super excited about the white color (MakerBot's white is more vibrant) but other than that quite happy. Extruding ABS at 210c.
Splin3 US PLA X

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  • Try for PLA filament. There is a variety of colours and prices are reasonable. Quality is very good.

    Zaid on
  • is probably the largest supplier and producer in canada. it would be impossible to beat econofil at this point since they’re now using PLA+ type formula. Not to mention all the other brands you can get now. So far all my older 2+ year old spools still print and stick to the bed sans-drying. while the seacans no longer stick to the bed… i couldn’t tell you why. it just wont. it good for multi-color where it’s not used for the first layer at this point.

  • I like the best because I can buy filaments parts and much more parts .

    Joe Monnatie on
  • what is the total length of filament in the the different weight of spools?

    jim on

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