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We did it! We're finally able to offer Completely New High Quality Filament for the same low price!

With new filament, comes a simple new website design.

We're dedicated to always improving, and keeping filament prices down!

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  • This is one awesome article post. Much obliged. Homann

    WilliamHorp on
  • Finally found good settings for Makerbot Replicator 2X
    hot hot hot…yes
    Extrusion at 248’C
    Table at 120’C
    Nice gloss and accurate ABS

    Delisle Developpement on
  • Excellent delivery time to Burnaby. Good quality, only slight printer setting changes regarding filament diameter and temperature needed. On my MakerBot replicator 2 I use 225 degrees for extruder temp(PLA filament) , and most colors work well at that temp.

    Chad on
  • Just placed my first order. Read good things on other sites, excited to have a supplier for so cheap, 2.5 cents per gram is great.

    I read an article reviewing you, showing a sampler pack you used to sell of many colors. I wish you still offered this because I would like a while rainbow of colours for one-off small prints like buttons and knobs, accents. The bulk of my prints however are either black or white.

    Basically one kg of colour is too much, I’ll likely never run out so I’d rather buy a kg of many colours.

    rich on
  • You guys rock!! I was getting this exact filament from Staples (they brand it as FlashForge) and paying way too much for it. Thanks!!

    Garrett on

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